Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Welcome to September.

Hi, I'm the month of September, and I've decided that fall weather is a bunch of malarky and I'm inviting summer back for a repeat visit. I've given you 6 days of nice seasonal weather, and that's more than enough. Suffer with 93 degree heat and excessive humidity. HAHAHAHAHA!

Yes, it's horrendously warm again here in the northeast, so that means sitting inside and relaxing with the Vuelta a Espana and a cup of french press coffee (not that there's anything wrong with that.) It also means that riding is going to be cut relatively short and be limited to the early morning and late evening hours. The one bonus of the extremely hot weather is that I'll be sweating out a couple of extra pounds to put me right into competitive racing weight.

There's a fair number of races coming up in the next couple months (and hopefully the weather isn't going to be quite THIS warm in October) and they should be quite a bit of fun. The tough part is going to be training for cross season, as my motivation at this point in the season has been flagging badly. I need some motivation to get out and get riding, but the heat, the long riding season, and all the things I've had to do in the past 8 months have really put a lot of wear on both the body and mind.

It will pass though, hopefully when fall decides he's done being lazy and sends summer back on vacation.

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