Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Training, riding, racing.

And so it goes. About 10 days until the CX @ Brewery Ommegang. At this point, I'm expecting dry, dusty and (since it's been nearly 85 degrees here as of late) warm weather. That would actually be ok with me, since I really don't care much for cold weather riding, but I suppose since I'm pre-registered, I have to HTFU anyway.

Strangely, since I've only got 10 days left, any significant training will be lost on me now. Time to rely on the engine that has been developed (and mildly neglected as of late) over the past 6 months. One more longer, fast ride is on the books for early this Saturday morning, both to shock the legs into some longer, harder efforts and to shock my system into riding in the cooler morning weather. That will top up the aerobic engine, so my 'cross skills will be the only thing I'm really nervous about, since the more oxygen debt I get into, the worse they become. And everyone knows that 'cross is ALL about suffering above the red line.

Today I had the day off, so I did something I haven't done for a long time: go for a ride just for fun. No goals, no intervals to do, just plain old riding for the fun of riding. I don't think I even checked the average speed of the ride. I was able to enjoy the emerging fire of the fall leaves, the whistle of the wind through my Oakleys and the muted vibration of the pock marked road under my tires. It was magnificent.

So, while 'cross racing may be the order of the month, there will certainly be a relief to have no training to worry about, no numbers to hit, and many more carefree miles of road to eat up on those leisurely rides. Ah yes, and so it goes, and so do I.

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