Monday, September 22, 2008

What a long time...

...since my last posting.

Things have been busy since then. The road bike season has pretty much wound down. We rode our metric century, made it through most of it. The problem was all the riding was done in 80 degrees with 100% humidity, which made it very, very tough indeed. Besides, it came a little late in the season and I was of course a little undertrained for it, but it was still fun regardless.

That being said, it's now mountain bike season again. Ahh, I love riding in the fall. The fallen leaves, the crisp air, it's all so pleasant to be a part of. There's something to be said for coming back to fat tires in the fall. The mud is at a minimum, the trails are well ridden in, fast and thrilling, and the lungs and legs really enjoy the change of pace from the grueling constant effort of riding the road.

I have to say I'm really looking forward to getting some saddle time on my King and my Dawg. Hopefully my technical skills will make a quick comeback and I'll be able to put all the road training to use on the dirt.

Photos (hopefully) coming soon.

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