Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Countdown to vacation:

Awesome. Only 2 days and counting until vacation in Vermont. It'll be a much needed rest and some very necessary downtime.

Planning to get away for a vacation is the hardest part of going on vacation. Trying to figure out what to bring, what to leave at home, what spare parts to throw in the toolbox and what to leave home, and all the nagging little things. Add to the mix having to take bikes with you, worry about maintenance while you're there and away from your comfy workstand and workbench. Ah well, such is vacation, which is supposed to be relaxing.

Riding wise, things are going good. I'm inching closer to a 25 minute 10 mile TT pace and my average power is going up slowly but surely.

I think I've decided that instead of replacing that $240 Dura Ace front shifter, I'll treat myself to a drivetrain makeover, move to 10 speed and move to SRAM. Good stuff. Now to price it all out...

Anyway, with the long rest of the week ahead, I may not be posting until home from vacation, but that will be fun and photo filled. I hope.


kerbouchaud said...

Bike transport is one of the truly suckiest of all sucks!
I'm currently in the process of designing a decent marketable hard case for MTB's something that you can pop the wheels off and snap them in a holder, pop off your stem and pedals and slide them into little slots and then snap the whole thing up in a case kinda like a guitar case just bigger. When I say that I'm in the process of, it means that I have done a few drawings and that's about it, if it's like my last few products you may see something in a year or so.
Think anyone would buy it?

Rob Manning said...

You certainly may have a market for such an object. The problem I (like many people have) is that I've got a roof rack for my Subaru. While it works amazingly well, I'd much prefer to keep my bikes in the hatchback to keep them out of the elements and away from prying little fingers.

A case that I could easily slide into the car would be amazing.